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About Us

Beechwell Adult Day Program, LLC provides daily care for loved ones with Dementia, Alzheimer’s and related cognitive disorders, in a safe and secure environment. We provide a structured day care for clients to be cared for in a safe community, be treated with dignity and respect, while being encouraged to remain as independent and active for as long as possible. All staff are highly trained to understand Dementia and Alzheimer’s and are able to address the emotional and physical needs of each client. We encourage our clients to participate and operate at their highest level of competency and all activities are appropriate to their needs and abilities. Beechwell Adult Day Program, LLC provides a calm and soothing environment which fosters a safe and nurturing community. We ensure families are provided with educational materials and support to understand the process their loved one will face and encourage family participation in their home environment. When your loved one no longer benefits from our services and is unable to live at home, Beechwell Adult Day Program, LLC will help support and offer guidance to determine the best possible move to a residential memory care unit.

Having a mother with Alzheimer’s, I understand the daily challenges that are faced and I strive to provide innovative care with genuine compassion for your love one. Thank you for sharing your loved one with us!

Lisa Ellis Brinkley, Owner

Lisa with Molly, Our Comfort Dog
Lisa with Molly, Our Comfort Dog



Our Mission Statement

Beechwell Adult Day Program, LLC endeavors to begin and end every day creating HARMONY and WELLness with our clients and their caregivers as they navigate their journey with Dementia, Alzheimer’s and related disorders, in a safe, nurturing and secure environment.



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